Maquila service


Proquimcol maquila service

Fabrication, packaging, and handling services for third-party chemical products. We have the facilities, equipment, staff, and experience to bring your industrial projects to life.

Versatile industrial facilities for handling liquid and solid products, serving the construction, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

We are the ideal industrial partner for your production needs. Our manufacturing and/or packaging outsourcing service for chemical products is ideal for cases such as:

  • Demand exceeding production capacity.
  • Launching products for which the necessary manufacturing/packaging machinery is not initially available.
  • Manufacturing/packaging products for which suitable facilities are not available.
  • Manufacturing/packaging products incompatible with other productions carried out by the client in their facilities.
  • Manufacturing/packaging products for which the corresponding authorizations are not available.

Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs and frees up production units for higher value-added products.

Partial maquila modality:

Manufacture and/or packaging of products from raw materials and packaging materials provided by the client, following their instructions.

Total maquila modality:

In addition to manufacturing and/or packaging the products, we take care of purchasing raw materials and packaging materials (according to client specifications), as well as logistics for delivering the finished product.

Additional services

Logistics and shipping:

  • Picking and logistics center.
  • Exports.
  • Ability to ship orders with clients’ own documentation (delivery notes, consignment notes, etc.).
  • Inventory control of client-owned materials.


  • Analysis certificates.
  • Formulation fine-tuning for clients. We provide advice for process optimization.

Ica laboratory:

  • Conditioned area for production and packaging of products requiring this certification.

Waste management:

We manage waste generated during production/packaging processes.

At proquimcol, we work with maximum rigor to preserve the confidentiality of the processes entrusted to us by our clients. If required, we are willing to sign confidentiality agreements as necessary.

The trust and loyalty of our customers are the foundation of our work and a solid guarantee of our commitment to excellence. Our company is distinguished by providing efficient and versatile service, striving to meet the specific needs of each customer. Furthermore, we make every effort to adjust relevant documentation to productions, such as manufacturing records, analysis certificates, and quality records, to each client’s particular requirements.

Our extensive range of machinery allows us to adapt to most containers, formats, and quantities demanded by our clients. Additionally, we can carry out pilot productions or industrial formulation tests if necessary.

We are fully aware of the importance and need to establish a solid quality management system in our company. Consequently, our corporate policy is based on certification according to the parameters established by iso:9001, which attests to our commitment to controlling both manufactured products and manufacturing processes, ensuring the necessary traceability at all times.

Proquimcol’s facilities cover an approximate area of ????? M2, spread across 3 production zones and a laboratory, located just 27 km from medellín, right on the north highway.


  • Liquid formulation: formulation of all types of liquids in stainless steel, polyethylene, and fiber reactors and tanks.
  • Vapor heating.
  • Liquid packaging, from 40 ml bottles to 1,000-liter ibcs, covering all intermediate formats.
  • Mixing, impregnation, and encapsulation of solids.
  • Mills, micronizing mills, and sieves.
  • Solid packaging from 50 g to 1,000 kg, with the possibility of using continuous film for bags and sacks, and the possibility of packaging in drums, barrels, and other formats.
  • Special line for peroxides (hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid): hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid tanks, and pvc reactors with recirculation for formulating with these products.
  • Tablet and pellet line.
  • Ask us about other possibilities: blisters, cases, envelopes, etc.

Liquid products:

At proquimcol, we are experts in formulating and packaging liquid chemical products. We have specific facilities for mixing and packaging highly complex products such as mixtures containing acids, products with hydrogen peroxide or other peroxides such as peracetic acid, hypochlorites, etc. We specialize in peroxides.

  • Manufacturing of peracetic acid.
  • Liquid and emulsion formulations. Solutions and mixtures.
  • Hot formulation.
  • Receipt and dispatch of bulk products, in tankers.
  • Liquid packaging in ibcs, drums, jerry cans, bottles (with and without sprayer).
  • Ask us about other possibilities: blisters, cases, envelopes, etc.

Solid products:


We have extensive experience in the manufacture and packaging of chemical products in solid form, and we have the capacity to integrate various operations into a single production process, in order to achieve greater efficiency and resource optimization:

  • Pre-crushing and destoning.
  • Screening and sifting.
  • Grinding, milling, and micronization.
  • Mixing, impregnation, and encapsulation of solids.
  • Packaging in barrels, cubes, big-bags, sacks, pre-packaged bags, sachets, etc.
  • Packaging using continuous coil film or pre-packaged bags.
  • Heat sealing and stitching of containers.
  • Manufacturing of tablets and pellets.
  • Ask us about other possibilities: blisters, cases, envelopes, etc.

Storage and logistics:

At proquimcol, we know the importance of meeting agreed delivery times. Therefore, we have implemented various alternatives for storing raw materials and finished products, in order to guarantee optimal availability of the inputs needed to carry out production. Thus, we have several warehouses for stacked products, as well as tanks with different characteristics, allowing for the reception and/or delivery of products in tankers.

Laboratory and analysis:

In our laboratory facilities, our technicians carry out the relevant analytical determinations for the quality control of our products, as well as the necessary tests for the evaluation of new product studies.